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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by NCJohn, Jul 14, 2019 at 10:42 AM.

  1. NCJohn

    NCJohn Active Member

    Oct 27, 2015
    PSA for Jammer addicts like me I thought it was worth sharing my recent experience shipping boards via Amtrak.

    Cuda shipped me a 5'9 mabile with glassed in fins no issues and I just shipped a 9'6 feral pig with glassed in fin from NC to RI. Cost was $87 ($75 plus $1 per every $100 of $1,200 value for insurance).

    Both shipments happened overnight (wasn't guaranteed) but from my conversation with the agent that's pretty standard for a trip up either coast.

    So if you were hesitating to buy a board bc of shipping this may be a great option.

    Feed the addiction!
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  2. kpd73

    kpd73 Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2013
    USA Rhode Island
    Amtrak does indeed rule, and one thing I was recently made aware of is do not write Fragile anywhere on the shipping box or label!

    There is a clause in the fine print in the back that says your insurance policy will be negated if damage occurs if Fragile is written as Amtrak does not accept Fragile freight. This was explained to me by a newer baggage handler up in Providence RI, so double check for sure, but she was very adamant is how I can nicely put it.

    That being said, they do a really killer job handling freight.

    Amtrak...the original east coast board train.
  3. DanSan

    DanSan Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2012
    USA California
    I agree 1000%

    When i was in jax bch..
    Downsouthslida( where have you
    And i used to ship board back and forth all the time..
    Plus we shipped all the way up the east coast..
    I even got a board shipped from san jose to me..
    Never a problem..and always fun to go the station..

    Recently back home..i have had no problems..
    Bruce shipping me boards..
    Ive shipped boards down the west coast..
    And another to RI..
    And the cute little agent is
    Always there when i do
    Asking about surfing.
    Plus san jose old
    Way cool structure..
    Easy to access... near where the san jose sharks play..
    All good..
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  4. Veterano

    Veterano Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2013
    Can somebody post length maxiums leaving some So. Cal Amtrak stations? Your expierences? Thanks.
  5. Makawaosurfer93

    Makawaosurfer93 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2007
    USA New Jersey
    NOW, can someone go pickup that Hansen Superlight in SC and ship via Amtrak to NJ?
  6. OneLove

    OneLove Active Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Wilmington, NC
    Wish they came to Wilmington... where did you drop off/pick up?
  7. garagefull

    garagefull Active Member

    Feb 22, 2004
    Santa Cruz
    Have had very good experiences with Amtrak over the years. Was told many times that there is a length maximum for So Cal stations south of Union Station in LA. Can't remember the exact maximum, it has something to do with different train equipment to OC and SD. Has anyone shipped a 10'+ board recently? Also, are they requiring you to unpack the board at the station before shipping so they can check for damage? After doing a careful pack job on my Coopperfish, the agent in Denver made me unwrap it. Fortunately they had extra packing tape the gave me to re-wrap but it was a hassle.
  8. michael

    michael Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    1 (800) 377-6914

    For all of your stations and rates questions. For instance, RI to NY penn station is $65 before insurance, but then count in a fancy city dinner to sell your better half on the trip.... Might blow the budget.
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  9. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2004
    USA New Jersey
    Not recent (2010), but @OCSURFER32 shipped me a 10' Retro Redfin from West Palm Beach to Philly, 30th Street Station (pretty sure that was the nearest eligible station for me in NJ). Everything worked out great. The pickup was "exciting" -- the cops said no standing, so I had to have my wife jump into the driver's seat to circle the block while I ran in to pick up the board. I was walking back out with the box just as she was pulling back up. Brought a box cutter along and unpacked it right there in front of the station, hastily loaded it onto the roof racks, stuffed the packing materials in the trunk, and zoomed off for home.

    Not sure if anything has changed since then. It wasn't as cushy as having it delivered to your front porch, but it was a reasonable option.
  10. SdSurferguy

    SdSurferguy Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2006
    Yeah if someone could create a .pdf with all of this information it would be gold. From my experience in San Diego prices and rules change based on whomever is at the counter.

    And Chilly, I remember the most stressful part was trying to unload the car in a red zone in downtown SD. Exactly as you described.

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