PHD Fin in non hull longboard?


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Jan 31, 2019
El Segundo
Tried my 9.5 PhD I usually use on my Hilbers HotGen on my 96 Hilbers High Cat noserider (blended nose concave, really nice vee out, wicked fast). Works ok....but definitely not the best fit, just not enough base width and should be a 10" for a 96. But on my 91 Hilbers Ant, works excellent although it doesn't count - I think Ant is a long hull :p


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Jul 17, 2012
USA California
Picked up a 9.5 phd fin from Brad at Sunrise, I’ve been running it in my 9’2 Robert August Knost model, the fin is magic for beach breaks. Loosened up the board a ton vs the 9.75 4a without sacrificing much tip time. Figured I’d add feedback here as this thread came up when I was originally searching for info on the fin.