Pelagic Galecerdo Tial Fluke Fin For Sale

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  1. Artisan Fin Co-Op

    Artisan Fin Co-Op Active Member

    7E123080-A9EC-4009-91F2-6B05DE0E617D.jpeg 741E3D99-5DDD-43FE-95CF-17240BFE0F34.jpeg CB3C617F-181E-42AB-92E7-99B3213FCEDF.jpeg CD31D1D8-B9A9-45D0-95ED-D39279B06416.jpeg BE679FB8-DEE2-4794-A4C2-325CFE64368C.jpeg A1574617-8D94-437B-B601-5363E961B9BF.jpeg 36EB0F1B-F0E9-4BB5-9CF0-16B81F665B90.jpeg 7E123080-A9EC-4009-91F2-6B05DE0E617D.jpeg Full on aspect to ratio slingshot fin
    Flex tip area with a lobed tip area for serious directional changes and a volan core overlaid with silene to give this rakish fin structure and resilience
    Approx 9.5” as it should be and ready to inspire your voyage through the looking glass
    Fished out to a fish skin texture for grab and proper flow
    Trading edge base is crenelated to all full on drive with no drag or vacation
    X pattern is formed by water release
    One of one patterned from a Spanish Mackerels fluke
    Seek don’t follow
    Usable art one of one - nature has the copyright and she allowed me to make one asking $135.00 + $8.00 shipping anywhere in USA

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  2. Freddibetts

    Freddibetts Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2015
    USA New York
    i love the outline, has it been tested and proven / ridden ?
    or is it made for aesthetics ?
  3. Artisan Fin Co-Op

    Artisan Fin Co-Op Active Member

    Ola amigo
    All the fins I offer here are one of -an org tester was made and every fin was handed over to the crew to ride and put through their paces
    I only build functional steerage - no laminates or silly sayings
    No Velcro pouches or other nonsense-and no corporate loyalty payouts-gloss adds weight and keeps a fin from doing what it should move bend and breathe,it also hides defects
    Get one of ours and you’ll see every layer of cloth watch the edges as they are sharp for clean entry and release- Cuidado
    Each design Does the world trip with buddies of mine from Costa to Spain to France Oz and other venues as they are much better surfers than me-
    Every rider tells me what he liked or didn’t like and collectively we dial it back ground is marine biology and 40 years making boards fins hand planes basically anything you can have fun with in the water to be mistaken for a seal or turtle by large predators from underneath - I was blessed to be tutored by many of the best craftspeople on 3 Continents and again through direct input the design from pelagic fish becomes a solid glass creation
    If they didn’t work I wouldn’t ride or sell them they are as you see. Very different and well thought out most fins are in the hands of the boys for up to a year in varying conditions and that’s how we get the minute details just right
    Tested test em one guy might love it another well? So idea is make a fin a rider can enjoy and be creative with a happy collective
    I’ll warn you , when you jump on one of our fins and you’ll spend a good 6-10 waves dialing it in as these move and torque and allow you to do wonderful things- idea is nature’s dynamic transferee to a glass medium and I ride all the experimental prototypes and what you see here is the final result - a legacy fin hand built and backed by science a vibe that will empower your soul
    Like first time I rode a Smith Fireball twinzer I keep falling off the back as it was so fast and his fin set up was unique but once dialed in oh my like free taco night in Puerto❤️
    Every detail is carefully examined even down to replacing the spring pin which is designed to pin metal to metal with a soft bar stock I cut which if you slide over a reef the impact will be absorbed and distort the pin not shatter the leading portion or crack it- although a heavy impact will do damage but not to the extent of a steel roll pin nothing is bulletproof but again travelers have told me how that bar stock took the hit not the glass matrix
    For the purists if you ask I’ll include a roll pin for you to put in your pocket if you wish to change mine out-idea is joy and fins have stagnated for 30 years time to leap the barbed wire of mediocrity and embrace something different
    Pelagic fish are nature’s flyers studying them for 40 years showed me what works- many great fin company’s out there offering great stuff- I’m on another track
    The only aesthetic one I made was for an Oz guy and laminated Pacifico labels on one side and Fosters on the other with a blue metal flake overlay- fugley but it worked sick- the other was a wooden fin which we inlaid copies of a photo of the client and his daughter who had passed (she always went on trips with him) and with that inlay she was always there
    Simple is better Light tints so they bond and the mix with the cloth these two cloths do wondrous things-thanks for the question hope I haven’t put you in a coma with this blah blah but these are real and work like nothing you’ve eve tried- once in your hand you can feel and see what a hand built fin should be- well in my collectively humble opinion. I just keep pushing and bending the light-a seeker in a pine forest You’re always welcome to come up and be part of the process-fun to see 30 sheets of cloth become a slab to become usable art- no alchemy involved - just stoke
    Stay stoked amigo☯️
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  4. SeniorGrom

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    Mar 20, 2012
    USA New Jersey

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