OSLC and other surf clubs


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Nov 10, 2020
oceanside ca
Is anyone on here a member of the OSLC? I was considering becoming a member with the hopes of making some friends and getting involved in my local community. We moved to our area deep in the pandemic with little kids so its been hard to make friends other than neighbors and parents of my kids school friends. And my good surf buddy Skurp moved to Portland a few days ago :(, and i dont have any other local surf friends.

Overall curious who here actively participates in a local surf club and finds it satisfying?



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Apr 11, 2019
Ventura, CA
I've been participating in the Ventura Surf Club since moving to the area in early 2019. They are finding their way :)

To be fair, when I joined VSC seemed to be coming out of a period of hibernation. The pandemic threw things off, it was like a one step forward four steps back kinda thing. There's a new (temporary?) president now who seems to be trying to get things going.

I don't have experience with other surf clubs or organized surf shit so I don't have anything to compare VSC to, but I do have some strong opinions about the organization. I will say that joining the club has proved to be a good way to meet a few long-time locals who have been very gracious and friendly to me in and out of the water, and introduced me to other non-club surfers over the last few years. It's resulted in a number of friendships I probably wouldn't have made otherwise. If you're looking for connections and meeting other surfers, OSLC is probably a good bet!