On the hunt for a Hanel egg or similar midlength


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May 23, 2018
L.A. County
Hi all,

As the subject states, looking for a 7'2" -7'6" midlength, preferably a Hanel egg in quad, thruster, 2+1 or single setup (latter two preferred). Had a quad 7'6" and miss it dearly, and would like a good travel midlength for a couple upcoming trips.

Would also be interested in a shorter Scorpion (no epoxy, please), Christenson, Mandala or Slingerland, or anything that came out of the Moonlight shop. I'm in south L.A. County but am willing to drive north/south for the right board.

I've got cash or can do cash + trade for a pretty pristine Arenal 4+1 egg to trade with no dents or repairs, that will come with a set of Pacific Vibrations Speeddialer quads and a set of Futures carbon/bamboo FW quads.

Thanks for your time!