Offering a glass on Ekstrom Pattern Fin

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    32BD752B-491A-48F6-B8CE-FA74F8C9FD22.jpeg 066E23BD-CFC3-4FDD-B8BF-4EFDD2F98FFD.jpeg
    140C1C13-29E7-4447-8BC2-75F5C0065632.jpeg Glass on old school fin ready for your project
    Made for a board that never came to birth- Deep Mayan Azul- Anil :which is used to ward off evil spirits
    tinto translucent- doubt it check your Mexican history- yes all those bright colors have meaning
    Fin was for a board that never came to creation
    4oz over a 6 oz core , tint is marcoat (60s) fully foiled and ready for you to attach and gloss
    Scuffs scratches from living in the shop but as you will sand it out for final gloss the lighter color is the light behind fin - don’t worry tint out is even and pretty as a Mexican Bride
    On her wedding day- Rrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    Should not trouble you 9 by 9 Carl Ekstrom Waaay ahead of the curve
    Look him up the seed of inspiration- respect grandfather
    Blank is sprayed with PG Acrylic to protect whats underneath till ready to sand off and mount
    This was made a out 4 years ago so acrylic is scuffed but under it is protected hence the peg spray
    A 220 sand will remove it and show the layers and encapsulated beneath
    Scuffs etc are on that, thats why its there as i make em when its warm here and sqirrll them away
    Asking 75.00 +

    Shipping costs- glass on classic smooth -Get finned have fun

    I know $ is tight but quality and usabile art are a viable offset of a transatlory state of
    Wellness -i appreciate all offers but society has covered me in a economic straight jacket
    That i must loosen through my passion and allow usable glass art to continue
    Numbered paper becomes solid aquatic art- what did Alice see in the looking glass........

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  2. Artisan Fin Co-Op

    Artisan Fin Co-Op Active Member

    Just posting some odds and ends that have been living in shop
    And need a home - possibly someone can use this to finish a board or re- fin an old board- thank you for checking this out
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    Mar 20, 2012
    USA New Jersey

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