Of course someone is making this.

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by Tlri, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Tlri

    Tlri Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2017
    Rhode island
    NO GOOD!
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  2. DanSan

    DanSan Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2012
    USA California
    Several things could happen..
    1- salt water conducts...corrosive..hmm
    2- the noise might attract..an "apex preditor"..no not randy orton..although...the viper.could..hmm
    3-we could put gps devices..that lead them to the farrlon islands...again apex preditor...
    I dunno..lets think up wonderful scenarios for this simple awful..thing..
  3. dsquare

    dsquare Active Member

    May 16, 2013
    USA Hawaii
    I know this is late- but I had friends who witnessed this at Sunset. He grabbed a dude's shortboard, started yelling about people being on boards that were too small for Sunset and then took a massive bite out of the board.

    And to stay on track: We have so many "non-swimmer" tourist surf-learners in Hawaii. I can't imagine that this would be helpful. I surf school with 8 people out, all with propellers that got them to the line-up. On the other hand... you could tow your gun out to a big wave spot... tie off an anchor and surf some righteous outer outer reef breaks.
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  4. Mbaltazar

    Mbaltazar Member

    Mar 17, 2019
    You're fucking kidding me right??? This is so ridiculous it should be against the law...
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  5. DanSan

    DanSan Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2012
    USA California
    I know right...arent these motorized vessels?..
    Arent we in marine sanctuaries.?..
    Not allowed in the surf ...swimming zone..
    Some is going harm someone or thkng
    Wkth this cuisiant..blender chopper
  6. sightpoint

    sightpoint Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2014
    2' and onshore
    I'm prototyping my version of these right now, but mine are attached to hydrofoils, which are attached to SUPs. So rad. I'm also putting them in the SUP paddles. Double power. Double stoke. Pump it up a few quads, bro.

  7. kpd73

    kpd73 Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2013
    USA Rhode Island
    I honestly would fall off my board laughing and most likely drown if I ever saw that.
    The mental image alone is epic.

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