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Nov 12, 2014
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Hi Guys
Is been a terrible week. I arrived last week to give an extra hand to these guys.
And is being a hell of a week. I think I landed at the peak of the death, like 1000 to 1200 per day in NY state. It was horrendous.
I am working in a Manhattan Hospital, and despite this guys were completely prepared, this thing is impossible to handle. Thankfully things are looking a little better today.
But the first nights we were handling things and juggling like a circus performer.
In situations like this all your parameters change, all thresholds move. You have to .
No more wasting time. You have X amount of resources, so be smart and use them wisely.
Trench medicine. Which I love it. Triage them, evaluate what really needs to be done, do it, and keep moving.
And since I am face to face with IT ( I am working in ICU) all folks are super sick, and 95% of them we have to intubate them and put them on the vent.
Nothing else matters. Endotracheal tube, and ventilator. The rest, it can be fixed with time.
With cloroquine or without it, with retrovirals or without it, nothing matters.
I feel sometime that we are just whitnessing an unfair fight between a host and a bad-ass killer. And we team up and root for the host, and keep giving him tools and weapons to defend himself, but the nature of the beast is terrible.
I DO fear this motherfucker, and there is not many things I fear. But this one, as a fighter, I respect.
The contrast you see on the streets with people walking their chihuahuas, and going for a walk or a jog, and then the sad and cruel image I see inside the ICU, is surreal.
Whenever a patient gets extubated r sent home, they play a loud song all over the speakers all over the hospital. ( it was Don't stop believing , I think is Journey), so it boos the moral of everyone around. So for the first 4 days and night it was completely silent. But Thursday and Friday for the first time it was playing many times.
I want to put a special note to all other doctors, nurses, PAs, NP and the rest of personal, who felt the call and jumped in to help.
It is with great pleasure to see doctors in many fields, pediatricians, GI docs, OB Gyn docs, that they would have zero business in how to deal with this, to come join us at ICU to help in whatever needs to be done. And we are pulling together. It is amazing how they do even the most basic work with pride and zero complains. They came from all over the country. Taking PTO and more , because when they go back, they will have to do 2 weeks of quarantine.
My wife and kids are still at the house in CT. I came alone .
I got my bike with me, so is convenient to pedal to the hospital. No traffic at all. Empty streets. Times Square empty. Crazy views of the city.
Do we get sick?
I hope not, but we do. You hear here and there, Hey, remember so and so?
well, he got it.
I work with younger residents, and one of them got it, just some fever, chills, muscle akes, and thats it.
but forget about him. I've seen 50 y-old " healthy" guys walking in the hospital in the morning, got intubated, coded a couple times, and by 6 pm they are in a plastic bag. Fulminant .
And we have 80 y -old ladies on the vent for 2 weeks and they are still giving a hell of a fight.
We don't know who is going to get the mild disease or who will go down fast and furious. There is so many thing we don't know. And in a few years all this will be seen as ignorance. But things happens like that in medicine. It takes time to learn, develop new medicines, vaccines an even experiment new treatments. So far, we are plugging holes in a tiny boat who took many hit from a 20 mm cannon.
Anyway, I wanted to share this with you guys, also to emphasize that you MUST stay home. I know it sucks, real bad, is boring and we are built to be out. BUt so far there is NOTHING you can do to fight this at a fair level. Just avoid getting it. Test or o test, who cares about it when the guy dying in front of you needs a tube and a vent. Tests are ok to tell the numbers
and to make a projection of your plans. But at my level, who cares.
Avoid human contact and your test is always gonna be negative.

Fuck yeah.
Stay away from people. Use the mask everywhere. Go park far away, paddle, surf, get out. Same deal. Mask and go home.
Guys walking their dogs in public and jogging are much more exposed that us alone in the water.
But look what happened in Florida, they opened the beaches and a flock of retards invaded the beaches like a parade of idiots partying at the beach. That is bad.

Only get out to get what you really need, which is medicines, food, and booze. The rest, it can wait.
And if you are , lets say , around 70, don't fucking go out at all. We were having trouble to keep my dad inside his apartment ( genetics!!). But we manage to bring him food and supplies through the balcony. Or my sisters leave the bags at the entrance of the building.

And pray for the guys who are sick, and giving a hell of a fight. Those are the ones in need.
We are just doing our thing.

I added here some pics to entertain this story. One of them is the door that leads to ICU/ MICU, etc. Behind that is where hell is.

stay safe, this hit will pass!!!


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Aug 2, 2004
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thx for the update - i've been watching news reports about the mass graves they're digging out on Hart Isle. rough times for all of the 5 boroughs...have a few friends who live near Manhattan that escaped back to the Island (natives, not entitled refugees) before things got really bad. i can't imagine the carnage you guys are seeing there on the front lines. you deserve a bloody medal for diving straight into that nightmare triage scenario. shit, every medical professional & first responder should be honored for their bravery under such dangerous conditions. bravo sir, you have my utmost respect!!
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