New Board Stoke Thread


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Jun 28, 2021
Picked up my new gun in Zarautz a week ago.

Unfortunately I only got to surf it once as the swell dropped. Took it out in some 3 to 3,5 meter faces and it handled like a charm. Had been surfing that spot on my 8 Outlier previously and could really make some nice drops on this one. Not really gun territory but I wanted to get a feel for the board.

I will be back in December and January for the bigger winter swells but so far so good.

Shout out to Kelli and Mikel from Agote Surfboards. Communication was great and board quality is amazing. Everything is aligned perfectly and glassing is immaculate.

Alreay eying my next order..


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Mar 20, 2016
Ocean, NJ
Sounds awesome! Please elaborate! Super interested in this length...
I originally wasn’t going to The Heavens to place an order, just going with a friend to see his board shaped. But after hearing how amped Ryan was on his 9’6 Vbowls, I pulled the trigger. 1st paddle out was belly to chest beach break that hit the sandbar & jacked & threw.
The extra length got me in early, the rail held the steep wall incredibly well. I like “hull” surfing it from mid board but it really redirects easily from mid board as well. Take a step or 2 back & get that back foot over the fin & the board cranks bottom turns & full cuddies. Just an absolute blast.