New Board Stoke Thread

Bruce Fowler

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Jul 28, 2018
I picked up this 7’6” V8 from Bruce Fowler yesterday. Rode it as a quad at Ricon. 2-3 ft and clean. Had a blast. A 9.75 Greenough 4A on its way. Thank you @Bruce Fowler for a rad board. Thank you @DanSan for referring Bruce. You are two for two with solid referrals. First Tim Bowler now Bruce Fowler. I am happy.
That is a pretty will fin position........ move main fin back behind side biters....... maybe even middle of 15" box..... she will ride totally different than in this incarnation. Guys ride these boards in soooo many diffferent ways it's unbelievable. From 13: tanger flex fins to Greenough Stage 6's with quad fins...