My Heart is Broken

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by dingpatch, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. surflax

    surflax Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    USA Pennsylvania
    So sorry to hear of your loss. May the happy memories and thoughts of good times together get you through this difficult time. Prayers to you from PA.
  2. nedsurf

    nedsurf Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2005
    Very sorry to hear this, My thoughts are with you.
  3. Dopesandwich

    Dopesandwich New Member

    Oct 27, 2017
    hang in there. i can't imagine what you must be feeling right now. but we're all with you and will be thinking of you.
  4. 70s SanO

    70s SanO Active Member

    Feb 16, 2004
    MIssion Viejo, California
    My wife is my best friend and my soulmate. We have been very happily married for 38 years. DP, I have pondered how things would be as we get older and inevitably face this circumstance and I have no words; no verses to toss out. No words that can express how sorry I am to hear about your wife; your loss. I can truly feel how devastating this is.

    I can only pray that God grants you some measure of peace through this and a hope of seeing her again in Heaven.


    OCSURFER32 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2004
    West Palm Beach
    Sorry for your loss !!
  6. strez

    strez Active Member

    Mar 23, 2012
    Hamilton, Massachusetts
    I enjoyed reading about how you met Mrs. Dingpatch. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm grieving along with you as are all the other Jammers who posted.
  7. stewy

    stewy Member

    Jun 27, 2006
    USA New Jersey
    that's a beautiful story DP, so sorry for your loss she will forever be with you in your heart
  8. Macilious

    Macilious Active Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Sorry for you loss Ding Patch! You really had something special, cherish that. I look forward to hearing more stories about your amazing 37 years together. And if you ever need to talk/vent/lean on someone reach out. We all need something from someone, sometime.
  9. Ticowannabe

    Ticowannabe Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2012
    my heartfelt thoughts are with you, no energy lost DP, you will meet up with your love again sometime and until then you have all your amazing memories and love to watch over you.
  10. dingdong

    dingdong Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
    USA California
    Sincere condolences for the passing of your wife, from your posts, she seems to have been an amazing woman, cheers to the wonderful times/life that you shared with each other

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