MP Style Stubby Recs


Aug 16, 2020
United Kingdom
Congrats on the Andreini. I was after similar a few years back and Neal Purchase Jnr made me an MP style 6”10 with a tri plane hull with less of a hull than the Liddle and Andreini as I wanted something more user friendly. Anyhow enjoy the new ride and look forward to hearing feedback!


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May 26, 2008
Hey all was hoping to get some advice or insight for a Michael Peterson style stubby like the iconic footage from MOTE. I’ve been riding longer roll and v bottom logs and mids with no concave for the last year and it’s completely changed my surfing for the better (not full on hulls though). His surfing and that board always appealed to me so the wheels are turning again.

I would love to get an Andreini or Hilbers version as they seem a little more user friendly and not so hull ish although pretty difficult to get. I know the Liddle M3p is another and there are a couple used for a good price near me. Have heard Liddles are difficult to ride, need a certain wave etc. So I am a little hesitant.

Anyone have any other recommendations for shapers who could do something similar or if I’m psyching myself out of the Liddle? All insight is greatly appreciated!
Simon Jones does a MOTE stubby if you want an accurate version of the cutback board. You'd need to contact him about doing one as he doesn't have them on the website.
Might have to wait a while for it though.