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Feb 5, 2005
lookslike someone woke up on the wrong side of the rock pierpont-scott wrote:
As a public servant a Fireman you are paid by those tourist in the monies they spend in tax dollars , tickets/fines, propety taxs etc. I grew up on long island in a beach community and when you speak of rude people nj and ny have some of the rudest people around (not all SOME) so don't blame that on the tourists. You can blame the conditions on your city goverment who see dollar signs from all the people that flock to the shore and not only your beach between memorial day and labor day but most east coast beach community. To tell you the truth the summer was my favorite time of year when all the hot chics flocked to the beach to tan that pasty white skin from the winter cold especiall y the chics from nyc. so with out those tourist you might not have a well paying job like working at the fire department with it great salaries and excellent full benes so stop whining about how folks don't shut off thier water and what not because that is all part of the job you chose to do. stop living in the past 30 years ago there was a whole different world blame it on the cell phone. and you won't here any of the local NJ surf shop owners who frequent on here really bitching about tourist as they are the life blood of their business and you can bet on that. tshirts hats sticker boogie boards rentals sun screen etc this is what keeps them going in the winter months. well hope you have a great memeorial as I am sure the shore line is packed if the weather is good at least that is how it always was out in the hamptons were I grew up during the summer.


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Feb 15, 2004
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MigWam will be OK.

But...Bro, I read some of your stuff on that 7th St. forum that MB pointed us towards. You know you have some serious issues that you need to fix inside. Your entire: "I'm a local and few else are" mentality is killing you. It doesn't amount to a pile of pigeon shit in the long run...maybe seagull shit for such a "heavy local". Nothing the EAP that your benefits already offer you won't address. Call the 800 #.

From what I can read, you are carrying on there about shoob this and PA kook that with the 15-20 year olds. You think that's healthy? Take a look inside man.

Stop the burned out vet bullshit. Many more then you have seen worse then what you have seen in OCNJFD on your worst day at work without all the baggage your making noise about.

Get real. Man up.


Feb 5, 2005
tony don't roll, i took care of 80 beach houses for a realtor on the beach and i can honestly say from personal expereince that is 100% true. owners are neglectfull and management companies don't care to take up the slack and renters continue on punchin holes in the drywall. setting there thermostats on lowest setting and lieving all the windows wide open so they can hear the waves.


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Apr 10, 2004
good style...i wonder if he dug a rail or somethingrinconclass wrote:
I think this guy has been shut down:



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Feb 22, 2004
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T Mig

Just so you know, you seemed liked a really cool guy the time we met. And hell yeah, everything in OC during the summer is more hectic and annoying (except for bikinis). Most of the time, I just adjust my schedule. When I surfed on Monday (which was a pretty lame surf day), I woke up at 4am. I was up on the Northend by 5:30am, in the water by 6am, surfed 'til 8am. I was at 4th street cafe by 8:15am, and crossed the 34th by 8:30am. When most people were probably just leaving their house, I was home by 9:30am. In addition, for most of the summer I will only surf the southend or even head down to Whale Beach to surf Scheeper's A-frame. I know that I am only in OC about 50 times a year and probably only about a dozen or so times in the summer and that it must be a lot more for you to deal with living down there year round, but as others have already mentioned you are at least lucky enough to be down there. I would probably give my right nut (I am apologizing in advance to anyone I might just have offended) to live that close to the beach. Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, the next time I see you on the Northend (probably in the fall) let me know if you have some free time. If so, this shoobie would be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee at 4th st., especially if they are serving Monk's blend again. And when I vacation with my family this summer, I will be sure not to pull out in front of anyone with firefighter license plates:D. Scott