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Sep 29, 2021
San Diego
Hi everyone ,

I’ve got my quiver well dialed on the smaller end of boards in the 6’0 to 7’2 range with a 7’2 Larmo badger as my biggest board. I’ve been getting curious about picking up something more longboard like but the length is a bit of an issue for my apartment and car.

Was wondering if there were some suggestions/options for something in the 7’10 - 8’0 range that can give me some nice glide/trim and cheater 5 capabilities on small days in the knee to chest high range that would be a mini longboard of sorts without the length (contradicting I know). Thinking soft summertime San Diego type waves. I can use my 7’2 but the thought of going bigger has me curious and just kind of doing some future planning.

Am I being a little over optimistic and should just wait for an opportunity to pick up a true log? Any help is really appreciated !


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Jun 23, 2009
USA California
Look to the late 60s/early 70's for inspiration. Skip the Pete Pan Slug tho... someone will rec a Scorpion, try one if you can before you buy, not an easy board to ride.
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Jul 28, 2021
Agua Fria


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Feb 6, 2015
PNW between here and there
in HI on a 4+ month consulting gig in 09', picked up an 8' Trueline mini lb from a surf shop when the south shore started working...turned out to be so much fun I brought it home with me..single to double, lotta tail rocker, thruster and loose down the line, cheater 5's easy on the slow ones...



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Jan 14, 2013
USA California
stepchild or scorpion as others have recommended, or even a fowler v8..all 3 boards are pretty fun...I've been down this mini longboard route a few times...I'd recommend at least 8'0..anything shorter and you just don't get any longboard feeling


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Nov 10, 2020
oceanside ca
i am not sure of your size, but i am 170lb. I ride boards from 6'10 - 9'8". And i live / surf in San Diego area.

For my size 8' and below still rides like a mid length in my opinion. Yes you can catch tiny waves with a 7'10" egg, but there is not enough wave energy to do the things those boards are designed to do. I have a 7'10" EC Freeride egg i love it!! and i can catch about anything with it.. but i don't consider surfing on it unless its 3'-4' and up, and it excels on like a shoulder to head high day at a place like terra mar where the wave is more slopey...

with out any wave energy my bigger mid-length just sort of trims straight and never really gets that speedy glide that can happen on small waves with a slightly larger board.

To get back to the point i feel if you want glide for smaller summer surf and you don't want a longboard..8'4"-8'10" is the magic range.

I have a 8'6" x 22.75" x 2.75" single fin sort of egg / mini longboard... maybe call it a funboard?

That size for me is just magic around here. Gets in super early.. glides fast in little waves, and is small and nimble enough to handle the surprise bigger sets that sometimes happen on small days.

Surf has been tiny here for like 10 days and i have been switching back and forth between my noseriders and the 8'6" egg board... and i have had some epic fun days while others have complained of small surf.

i will post a picture of it later


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Nov 10, 2020
oceanside ca
this is the board i ride... i highly suggest it. i ride a 9" single fin on it and look forward to bigger surf where i will run a 2+1.



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Nov 15, 2016
My current favorite board is 8'8". Is it a longboard or a mid-length? I ordered it as kind of a copy of the CJ Nelson Colapintail. Wide noserider nose, pintail, single fin, hard edge in the tail. Flat nose rocker, no concave. Some tail kick. I have 9" 4A in it. Light sanded glass job. Shaped by this guy Bobby Hasbrook in San Clemente. Such a fun board. Can noseride it, but carves turns, floaters. Pretty stoked on this size board at the moment. Wouldn't mind trying something a few inches shorter like that MPE Wildcat. I've sold off all my big boards over the past few years, longest is now a 9'1".

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