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Oct 7, 2021
Forgive the ignorance, how come I've never seen a mandala with futures boxes?
kcl nailed it. I had my last custom made with Futures boxes though, no complaints. True Ames was making AK4s in both Futures and FCS for a while. Seems to be no more.


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Apr 13, 2021
Pacifica, CA
They exist, a couple members here have some. Manny has said in the past that the Fusion and II boxes are better suited to the torsional flex of a surfboard, and Jack Jensen was exclusively making his fins for a long time. To my knowledge JJ has only made FCS-template fins; I'd assume such because building cant into a handmade fin is a pain in the ass.
^That torsional flex point is interesting. I haven't read him say it, but I'm sure cant is a large concern too. Although, is it that hard to adjust cant for Futures bases? Daniel Jones and Akila Aipa offer heavily canted twins, and while both sell through Futures, they also have local handmade offerings as well.

Because I'm sitting on an embarrassingly large pile of Futures fins, he agreed to use them for my ASQ. I already have the RFC AK4s and requested a custom set from Neyra fins to make sure I'm at least using the recommended templates.
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Jul 2, 2021
Bay area
I have one, too.


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Jan 14, 2013
USA California
I've got the twinny setup in my super chunk...its looser and more responsive than my old asq, and just as fast...so I just think it just makes the board better without any disadvantages...ymmv...if it helps when I asked manny to do the superchunk as a twin, he had no qualms about it and knocked it out pretty quickly
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Nov 23, 2020
I just got my 7-10 Callisto Quad from Manny - I ordered it with futures boxes - Manny told
me True Ames is going to make some more AK4s for him soon. Right now I’m riding it with some DRD quads and I have absolutely no complaints, the board just rips and puts a smile on my face. It paddles better than my 8’6” Avocet somehow, and doesn’t require much adjustment in terms of where I paddle for waves vs my go-to logs at my everyday peak. Already saving up for an ASQ if I can talk Manny into making it around 6’10” for a fatass like myself.