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Jun 10, 2022
I'm a huge fan of his asq/superchunk....for those slopey fat high tide days chest high and under...you can't beat the speed and flow...something about his rockers makes all his boards easy to paddle and they seem to slip really easily into the waves when you're catching them....my buddy loves his midlength stubby
Can you tell me more about your experience on the superchunk? I’m eyeing a 5’4 carbon microlight.


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Jul 17, 2012
USA California
I'm a Mandala fanboy. I've had 2 Super Stubbies, an ASQ, Superchunk and Delta V Oracle twin, all in microlight besides the Chunk. His boards are fast, paddle great and are a ton of fun.


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May 23, 2018
L.A. County
This has @kclibman written all over it

I have been summoned. For reference, I am 5'9" x 180 pounds.

Owned almost forty of Manny's boards - the long story is if you're looking for a lower-range mid, a Clandestino with bites is great. Tippy, wide point back, hold for steeper days. Big Oracles are great, just got a buddy on one courtesy of @MarkA, think foiled egg with a lot of range, Manny will suggest them as a twin now with the micro-channels (Delta-V config) and I'm inclined to agree. If you go with a Cal Stub Delta-V, ask for more foil, they will also be far more backfooted than you assume.

ASQ, always. I have two and that's a desert island board. Microlight for clean days where you want to rip with no swing weight, poly for everything else (incl. carrying momentum, compared to the ML). Have had ten ASQs and like them best around 5'8" and 21.25", they do everything. Superchunks are in the same category, though I'd order my next with five boxes instead of four, the thruster option is nice.

Manny will not shape the Void any longer. He will rarely offer a Hunter as purchasable stock but as a custom may be a different story - they are uncommon. If you're looking for unique-feeling and short, I'd try Arctail Hull, had a 5'6" that ripped with a smaller flex fin. If you're looking for unique and longer, I'd go 7'0"-7'4" Oracle Delta V. The hull entry on all of the aforementioned boards is what shines with his designs.

@AsymCowboy don't overpay for that Superchunk MIcrolight. It was $600 in Ventura with those fins a couple months back. Surfed one in the same size over the winter and it was very, very fun as a thruster, can really throw it around. Lots of planing surface in a small package, but remember you don't have the weight or rail line to glide through flat spots (gotta actively drive around them).


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Jul 5, 2016
USA North Carolina
Vinny - I still have Manny's old carbon ASQ. Board remains fun and in rotation.

I've had 7-8 different Mandalas mostly of the shorter variety. The board I miss most and regret selling was a 6' Stubby Pintail Quad. That board worked great in NC. It excelled at late drops and had glide for days. Only issue was the dark blue almost black resin pigment. It was a wax melter that relegated the board to early mornings and or winter/spring surf.


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Oct 7, 2021
Super helpful to hear everyone's experience, special thanks @kclibman for the detailed insight. I've been interested in grabbing an Oracle for some time, so that may be the call. My experience with Manny's boards has been well described by everyone here, something about the hull entry and rocker combo makes them uniquely smooth on the takeoff. They also get up to speed incredibly fast and surf more high-performance than they look like they would. I'm often shocked how vertical the super stubby is willing to go, both on the drop and off the top.

My 5'10" ASQ Fish is probably my favorite board I've ever owned. For reference, I'm roughly 6'3" x 180". I've been meaning to write a review on it for a while, but the short version is it's a board with multiple gears that works from waist high to well overhead. The response to foot placement makes it almost like two different boards. Back foot in front of the fins feels locked-in and safe, while back foot over the fins opens up an entirely different range of speed and drive. It will let you break away the fins and pivot if that's your thing, but carves are where it really shines. Carving the ASQ Fish reminds me of surfing Bonzers in the way it accelerates through the turn. The take-off smoothness also remains despite the more pulled-in, less hully nose.

Speaking of Bonzers, anyone ever get Manny to shape one? I know he's made Twinzers in the past but they don't seem to be a regular offering. Also curious to hear reviews from those that have ridden both edge and non-edge versions of the same model, and why he quit making the void.


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Jun 2, 2010
Get one but don’t try to get the one I’m pursuing. JKJKinda.

Manny’s board rule. I like em 7’ and shorter