Midlength travel bags: what are you using?


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Oct 16, 2020
Minneapolis, MN
After two trips with my 7’4 haley pin, I’m looking for a new travel bag.
I‘ve been using the 7’6 Pro-Lite Rhino. Padding is solid (I wrap boards really thoroughly as well) but the thing is just mega-bulky. I don’t mind heavy, it’s the slack between the bag and the board that (literally) drags me down.

What are you using to travel with boards this size? Any hope for a less awkward carry or is that just the nature of the beast?


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Aug 23, 2007
7'6 O&E quad for 2 boards - so far so good. I keep thinking that I will put better wheels on it but otherwise they make a very useful bag.


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Jan 22, 2022
Adelaide AU
+1 Curve. Check out the Armadillo Travel bag in there line. I have several bags from them Day bags and travel. Order from Amazon. If you don’t like it. Return it.
I bought a 6 foot Curve “Armourdillo Travel Retro” cover direct from their website for a weird shaped 6 foot board (very wide nose and tail with narrower waist due to sidecuts) as it was the thickest / best sounding cover that I could find that would actually fit the board.

The cover is well made and pretty unique. Size wise, the 6 foot cover for the 6 foot board was spot on. Delivery from NZ to AU was very slow. Customer service was very friendly.

The cover’s extra intermittent padding is interesting - some really nice beefy 20mm protection in some parts of the cover, gaps waiting for trouble in others. I think the extra padding should go all the way around the board.

The tail section of the cover is fixed (old fashioned and missing the mark imho) without an expandable fin section. The outer quad fins on my board were very close to the edge which made it a PITA to initially close the cover. I eventually got it closed and left it a week or so to stretch before opening the cover again. It gave just enough to be able to work with my board with the fins on but it was always slightly challenging to close and felt it could blow the zip at any point.

TLDR; The Curve Armourdillo cover is interesting but imho there are better options unless your board is a really weird shape and it is your only option.
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