Mick Mackie Designs


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May 19, 2018
Curious what Mick Mackie boards people have sampled here?
He seems to be quite underrated or not spoken about frequently but his boards are top tier items in my eyes.

Current "confidence" board is a 6'3 sidecut fish I picked up barely used a couple years ago.
What others can you recommend?

Mackie 1.jpg


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Oct 27, 2016
I rode one of his longer twin-winged vee fish - 6'8, 21, 3 - flat deck for a couple of years. Almost exclusively for 6 months. Board was massive - so much foam, but it went really well from 1ft dribble to overhead bombs. Great board. Couldn't duck-dive it though! Only sold it to fund other things and will totally get another, but will grab one of his singles. I prefer single fins over twins. That said, turned on a dime, and plenty of sweet spots across the middle.


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Jan 29, 2018
Yes I have been curious ever since the kidman movie and book "lost in the ether" was released. Definitely very underrated and I don't see any of his boards in my neck of the woods. He appears to me to be in the Simon jones mould (or maybe it's vice versa) just without torryn martyn to rocket his work into the surfing public's conciousness.

The thought has crossed my mind, if torryn had jumped on a mackie 7ft side cut fish instead of a channel bottom twin, would we now have a plethora of midlength side cut fish options and would Simon jones be peddling replica MP stubby single fins!?!

I would also love to try a mackie single fin..... I am slowly embracing thickness so it's a future possibility!