Looks like Gerry Lopez sold out


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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey CMC
We’ve got Wings and knockoffs everywhere in the SE. garish abominations that apparently suck people in with shitty boogie boards cheap sunglasses and free hermit crabs
We've got Hoys. No soft tops but beach chairs and the like. Without them, where would folks get their " Leave Your Flip flops Here" signs and all of those other dumb fucking signs that people hang to make them feel "beachy".


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Jun 23, 2009
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This sounds very real, non judgmental and largely accurate. Bob Dylan recently "sold out" his musical library to the tune of $200 mil. - is everyone going to leave him Blowin' in the Wind?

It's called Capitalism and the Free Enterprise System. No horses were killed in the making of these deals. I suppose moderately scratched vinyl records can now be recycled just like EPS aka 'styrofoam'.

The 'conventional surfboards' are all P-P-P-PLASTIC which means they are made out of petroleum. All those famous labels from the 1960's: the foam - oil. Fiberglass - oil, Resin - oil.

Do you drive to the beach, ride a donkey or walk?

Are handshapes really hand shaped when I'm using a power planer instead of an adz?

Is using electricity a cop out?

Did I cheat by having custom bottom rocker glued up into the blank from the foamers versus driving out to the forest and chopping down a tree?

It's 2021 last time I checked my calendar. Hopefully its printed on recycled paper.

Life's a crap shoot, we do the best we can.
Dylan and so on situation is a straw man here, man. We all know the lifespan of a softy is about one summer then they're tossed and un upcycleable
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dr flavors

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Jul 21, 2019
He's a hustler, and has been forever (thinking of "Conan", what an embarrassment). Kind of sad, 'cause some of us want a soul surfer hero. There's so much BS image in surfing! But if you think of it, by definition you're never going to read about them, you know?
posted this one before. can you id this young soul surfer decades ago in mex?

no where near the clout of lopez. but still words were written, movies made, hero to few, scourge to many

whats that saying kpd73? something about burning the buddha if youre cold