Looking for ThickLizzy?!?


Jan 14, 2021
San Diego
Looking For ThickLizzy or Fm for sale in the low 7’s.(height) If looking to sell or trade and in possession plz contact me.
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Mar 18, 2018
Santa Barbara
Haley Pins are available if that would do for you (Trimcraft label, not shaped by Ryan but rather one of his amazing proteges). Two available at The Beach House in Santa Barbara currently in the mid 7 foot range.



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Jan 27, 2021
San Francisco, CA
Ya, not quite the same I appreciate it!
May want to x-post to Ryan's forum - less volume of activity but for more targeted at Lovelace fans. There was someone (albeit up in the Bay Area) looking to part with a 7'6" FM in the linked thread.

And food for thought if a Lizzy doesn't pop-up or looking to save $$ (new Haley Pin ~= used Lizzy), quoting Ryan here...

The haleys that the trimcraft boys shape are insane - I actually dont often have enough time to make myself a new lizzy so will snag a haley and go to town - MINIMAL difference between a stock haley and a stock lizzy, they guys do a mental job nailing the details and getting the baseline requirements spot on (rocker, foil, outline, triplane, etc). if there is one board I have a hard time blindly telling the difference between mine and theirs, its the Haley pin.


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Sep 29, 2018
I’ve got one of each in similar lengths (7’10” and 8’0”) and as much as I hate to admit it (mainly due to the difference in price), I actually like the Haley Pin better. This is due to the width and thickness dimensions though, and not the shaper. The HP is a bit narrower and thinner. Unless you’re concerned with resale value, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger in a Haley Pin.