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Feb 17, 2004
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It happens almost the instant you walk into the place. You see her with a few other fine selections from across the room. You instantly like her look... that look. you've been dreaming about that look, that style. She'd look sweet on your arm as you walk down the beach that's for sure. You can't help but to glance at her shape, check out that tail. She's the one.

But she's hard to get. yep, your going to have to throw a few bucks around to get her home. It's part guilt and excitement as you drive back to your place with her by your side. You can't wait to see how she moves, how she'll react differently to you than the other's you've tried. You fantasize about how you will move together as one in total bliss.

The moment arrives, you can hardly breathe with excitement but you also notice that, well...she seems a little bit bigger today than under the lights at the place you met, was her nose really that large? She's a little bit hard to handle. Your trying to make it work because well, look at her! she really does look sexy. You do the same moves that always work but she's not working with you. Stalling, slow... You were bragging on the phone to your friends about your new ride and well...now your not so sure. She's sexy sure, so young and fresh. But it's a perfect day and she's...clumsy.

You start thinking to yourself that you wish you were out with your old flame. Sure, she's not as pretty but she knew what you liked, she anticipated your moves, your eyes were attracted to that sweet little diamond tail but the old girl's big square tail sure made things fun.

As you drive home bummed that you did not make a love connection you find solace knowing that tomorrow your old ride will be happy to join you on your trip to the beach and get you back on track. You start to search your phone for friends who maybe able to take this new one off your hands... she's great you say - look at that shape!

OX 45

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Jan 3, 2014
Perhaps it's just the wrong profolactic, try a different brand (fin)Though I had a board made recently that had all the right curves and such when I felt a stock up, the only board I had that I only road once and knew I would never connect, it may have been the shapers disinterest in connecting with me, and it changed my feel for the board, I've always enjoyed a shaper who is more excited about a design than I, someone who wants feedback, pleased to take the time, and overall excited to be engaged in the design, perhaps it wasn't his month, but i kicked out and something else showed up that is far beyond.