Looking for a Gato Heroi Playboy / Hot Generation-style noserider

Discussion in 'Longboard Surf Buy/Sell/Trade' started by floated, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. floated

    floated New Member

    May 17, 2019
    Santa Barbara
    Title says it all.

    I have a couple boards I'd be willing to let go of/trade, a 9'4 Dano NoseGlider and a 5'5 Varial foam Lovelace Sidecut fish.

    Rode a 9'6 Gato Playboy at sano last week and it was magic. It was maneuverable, held amazing on rail and was a pocket-noserider which I liken to more than a wide nosed sidewalk log. It did everything I wanted it to do and so I'm eager to get my hands on one anywhere from 9'4 and up.

    Thanks for reading!

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