Longboard finds - not deals


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Jan 8, 2016
USA California
"This board is best suited for riders 150-250lbs" I dont know why but this always cracks me up. If you are going to try to list a weight range as a 'sales point', dont you think you should narrow it down a bit haha. Sweet board though, and not a bad price, especially from them.

Maybe it's just that special Mabile foil that can accommodate such a wide range of riders! Or maybe they're just keeping in line with general surfboard manufacturing estimates. For example, a glass job was quoted 8-12 weeks. How do you not know if you can do a job maybe this month or maybe next month?

I guess it makes sense if you don't know who's showing up for work from day to day or if you'll have supplies left for the little guys' orders.

Maybe the same kinda thinking... This used surfboard would be a great fit for Michael Cera or John Cena, same difference --> 8 weeks is pretty much the same as waiting 12 weeks, same difference.

btw, we can always ask the shop to start listing volumes to narrow down the recommendations :p

Bummer Dude

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Jul 8, 2019
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Couple a nice hulls in SD