Long Fish Thoughts


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Oct 4, 2012
Del Mar,CA
I found having my back foot planted over, or just very slightly ahead of the fins on long fishes puts way too much board out front if they're close to 7'. Board slaps and hops and in general that front 8 to 10 inches just never gets wet. My favored length for these is 6'3 to 6'5. I'm 6'2. These are not good turners from center.
yep... i bought a long fish (7'ish) to "try" it... exactly my experience. i sold it after about 6 sessions. in the fish world a "long fish" would be several inches longer than your height. a proper fish would be a several inches shorter than you...


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Jun 23, 2009
USA California
Highline trim from just ahead of center with feet so close together your ankles are almost touching is what these are for. I got a burner at a bigger day at Malibu one time and I'd swear the bottom of the j.hall wasn't touching the water. Best feeling in surfing for me.


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Apr 1, 2021
Los Angeles
I know its not a long fish, but this looks like his nautilus model and I've heard nothing but good things about it. Theres a guy at my local break who shreds one... will this board make you shred like him probably not but its worth a try!

I keep seeing that board and am so tempted by it! I picked up a custom 6'10 Lane Splitter a few months back but I need a decent sized day to get a feel for it. Hard to justify another board in the same range when I havent been able to ride the one I have.


Sep 30, 2020
Los Angeles
I have a 6’6” nautilus. Though it can ride chest high days, it prefers big OH days with a lot of clean face. I had a long fish, fun board, but it seemed like a one trick pony. The nautilus will do most things you tell it to do, under the appropriate conditions.


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Nov 29, 2020
This has been super helpful. I do enjoy being able to turn from the middle of the board and moving around a bit when in trim. Not sure a longer fish is for me based on what i've read but a hull fish might be more in tune with my styles. I'll just keep enjoying what I got, for now.

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