Liddle pathfinder


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
Are you thinking of getting a custom?

Let me know, I may hope on the order and share shipping etc. There could be a couple others this side of the pond who would be keen too.


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Mar 10, 2014
Ayer Ma USA
I have a 10’-6” that I picked up from another forum member. I thoroughly enjoy it on some of the reef and point breaks we have in New England, beach break not so much. I tend to ride it from waist to head high and find it maneuverable as long as I have a large enough face to swing it around. I have thought perhaps 10’ length might be better however I’ve learned when an where to ride it and really enjoy it on those days.
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Sep 12, 2008
I have a 10'ter but havent found its spot yet. I agree with Shady that not below waist and not a lot above head high. Best session that I have had was probably at hollow low tide Perran on fast and long shoulder high peelers. It generates a lot of speed if there is a push and needs room to turn so not ideal in a crowd. It paddles great and my sessions are twice as long on it. I havent taken it to a good point or reef yet- it deserves a good long wave...

Here in the pic with 9' and 8'


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Dec 14, 2020
It paddles great
probably the best paddler of my boards, i've got a 9'er that has an extra inch of width throughout compared to standard and i call it the weekender - for when i want to sit out back or out way wide and still catch heaps without having to battle for position

great boards, super smooth and silky - can be ridden shin high as well in my experience, but bigger fatter waves are where it excels (and feels oh so solid under foot)

i've also ridden a buddy's 9'6 with standard width and had a blast at a beach break, get in way early - set a line - and absolutely fly until its time to hop off the back or straighten out. would a 200 meter point break be better? always, but i was pretty pleased with it at a sandbar too

Edit: looks like there’s one for sale in Costa Mesa - not cheap but it is new looking

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