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    May 17, 2019
    Santa Barbara
    Hey all,

    Been looking for a Gato Heroi or Créme log for a little while and haven’t had any luck. Figured I’d throw my 9’0 pathfinder up on here to see if there are any interested in trading.

    The Liddle is in pretty good condition, some rail shatters and a couple water tight home repairs but no major repairs of any kind. Opaque white pigment on the deck, clear on bottom. I love it, catches everything, turns on a dime, nothing like the smaller Liddles. It’s more user friendly, closer to an Andreini Vaquero. Willing to get rid of it for a Gato/Créme noserider. Any model that noserides really but mainly looking for a Californian or Playboy.

    Been really stoked surfing Sano on a squaretail noserider and Robbie’s boards really click with my surfing.

    If you have any leads or friends who might be interested please send them my way!

    Thanks for reading.
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