Lasik and Surfing


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Mar 10, 2021
SF Bay Area
Morning Folks:

Wondering if anybody has had Lasik surgery, and, if so how has it held up over time? I am thinking about having the procedure done, so that I clearly see the sets that are going to land on my head :rolleyes:.

Thanks in advance!


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Feb 6, 2015
PNW between here and there
was an early adopter, had it done in 1999 by the head of the opthamology department University of British Columbia, who was among the first surgeons performing the procedure in an outside practice.
The good - corrected at 20/20, no more blowing soft contacts out in the wind or rough water. Didn't need any vision correcton for the next 20 years, eventually need reading glasses.
The bad - first generation procedure used a manual 'flap' procedure invovling a vibrating blade to expose the cornea, and it was discovered decades later this manual cutting led to the eventual formation of micro scarring that acts as a prism, causing glare issues at night, especially with oncoming headlights...became such a problem for me I only drive at night if mandated.
The fix - the flap incision is now completed by a computer guided micro burst laser that makes the cut precisely without the micro damage caused by a manual blade, so no scar tissue = no glare refraction.
If I was younger and unhappy with contacts for water sports as I was, would not hesitate to get it done with the new procedure.


May 12, 2021
San Diego
Had it done back in '99 as well. Best thing I have ever done. Night and day difference for surfing and everything else. No issues ever. Just started wearing a very weak prescription but pretty much only for driving at night or working on the computer. To be expected in the upper 40s. I don't think it reflects on the eye surgery.


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Aug 22, 2014
Had it in 2005 and it transformed by life. Need reading glasses all the time now though, so glasses are still a part of my life. But still a fantastic improvement overall.


I had it done in 2008 and in 2021 am just starting to consider seeing if I need a mild prescription for some instances.

What I can tell you as a surfer is that I was extremely light sensitive afterword, needed sunglasses indoors (even saw orange light through my closed eyelids in the dark!), and seeing in the ocean was impossible for a few weeks.

But that equalized and like everyone's saying, after a lifetime of glasses it was transformational!


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Nov 15, 2016
My wife had it done in '98 and just recently got glasses for driving at night. 23 year run with no corrective lenses. I'd say go for it.


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May 7, 2009
USA Maryland
I had it done in '96 and still don't need corrective lenses. I am very light sensitive though, sunglasses even when cloudy and I wear a light tint for night driving. My doctor told me to only wear polarized lenses. Easy enough out of the water. I tried the Oakley Water Jacket, but lost three pair and swore them off. I use the Sea Specs now. The original pair from '97 are still going strong, but they are cheap enough to have a couple extra pair in my bag, just in case. I would do it again in a heart beat.


Feb 3, 2016
USA Hawaii
Wife had it done nearly 20 yrs ago. They corrected hers to mono vision; dominant eye for far and the other eye for near. Today, she occasionally wears reading glasses.