Dec 31, 2020
Philly or Jersey
Here comes Larry, East Coasters… it’s time for our seasonal dose of long period swell. I’ll cop to my kookiness and admit it - I’ve certainly had my share of not-quite-satisfying days in these conditions over the years. I recall a day where I couldn’t paddle my “shortboard” fast enough to get into ‘em. On a winter swell, compensating for my additional rubber and laziness with some added foam, I damn near knocked myself out with an over-the-falls, tomahawking longboard. I’ve got a new secret weapon I think will do the job but I’m curious… what are you paddling out on?


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Mar 4, 2021
Eastern Massachusetts
7’6” Vec egg (this board has really come alive with an Alkali widowmaker set)

Then if I’m feeling cocky and things get hollow:
7’2” MC Reverse Vee Hybrid with Futures quad or tri (I’m not thrilled with these fins however and am considering ordering some Hanaleis… not in time for Larry , certainly , but maybe for one of the other Stooges)


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Nov 10, 2018
You might be struggling, as things are just happening differently from our more normal NJ East coast short period waves and it’s hard to adjust timing. Long period waves are moving faster, more powerful, steeper, and as Hardy said - those really long period swells in our area tend to close out more.

During the peak of this one, I’d expect boards that I consider long’ish will stay in the garage, as I’d be more comfortable riding something shorter, snappier that’s usually dusted off more for travel.
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Oct 27, 2015
Wilmington, NC
I surfed a fish this morning and had a blast. Made a lot of steepish drops I didn't think I would make into mostly closeout barrels and paid the price at the end for all of them. But I'm still smiling as I sit at my desk thinking about what to ride for the evening session. Hope everybody scores!


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Apr 27, 2019
Virginia Beach
11-2 Ricky Carroll skipper glider. Over head this morning in va beach. Lots of traffic but getting in sooooooo early. I love hearing gliders don’t work on east coast, they don’t work in a beach break, they don’t work period. Ok…..
I've been switching between the jetty and Pendleton cams at work.. looked like a fun time this morning