Knee paddling pros and cons? Ouch?


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Dec 25, 2005
United Kingdom
i feel like you're slightly over thinking it.

Just kneel in the middle of the board in a comfortable position and paddle. if it gets uncomfortable then switch positions or paddle prone for a bit. Your knees will get used to it and eventually your board will get a compression in the deck that fits your knees slightly. Most wetsuits give enough cushioning for comfort but its fine in shorts - the worst thing is the wax pulling your leg hairs out

If the board sinks so much that you're pushing lots of water or sinking then you are too heavy to knee paddle that particular board.

there's not much more to it?!


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Apr 5, 2021
Los Angeles
Thx guys. Appreciate the tips. I probably am overthinking it.

What's wrong with the word "log"? Is it kinda like overusing the phrase "potato chip" or something? I kinda thought "log" was a particular type of longboard over a certain weight and height... but, obviously, what the hell do I know. I'll stop saying it. One last time though: log.