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Dec 12, 2021
Garden City, NY
Occasionally we inadvertently trust the wrong people and once we realize we've been burned, are reluctant to trust others again. After a particularly aggravating experience my wife got me this little sign that says "RELAX AND LET KARMA FINISH IT" So here was my first example of this: Back in the Seventies there was a fuel shortage and some cars had compression ratios so high that they couldn't run on the available 87 or 89 octane (as higher octane fuels were in shorter supply and those muscle cars that required it tended to consume a lot of it). A fellow was selling a Ford 427 High Riser engine that was developed for a racing package called a Thunderbolt. He had taken the engine apart planning to lower the compression ratio to a more octane friendly 9 to one instead of the 12 to one it was built with. Instead he simply changed to a Ford 428 Cobra Jet engine and sold me the parts of the race engine. Years passed and now I was scrambling for money to continue my education. I left all these parts with a fellow who my racing cousin Dennis (by now deceased) had spoken about and who had a speed shop not far away. He'd call when the parts were sold. When I dropped off the parts I noticed two chopped Harley Davidson motorcycles with for sale signs on them inside the store. Months passed and I'd call periodically but he said the parts were still there. Finally I figured the heck with this and just drove over to retrieve the parts. The store was empty and the signs were removed and the phone disconnected. I was furious. I did manage to find him when I called a cylinder head shop that he was passing through, and he said that none of my parts checked out, they were all too worn, broken, used up, junk and he had to pay to scrap it. Years passed, I graduated Dental School and once again figured it was time to sell off some high performance parts that I'd accumulated but was not going to use. These were Pontiac parts (H.O., Super Duty, and Trophy parts) Bill, a fellow visiting from Texas saw the newspaper ad and stopped by to buy everything. He said he thought it might be a scam when he saw what was listed but was glad that he came. I told him about the Ford parts that dissappeared from the speed shop with the Harleys, without mentioning names. He got quiet and asked "was it a guy named -------?" Stunned, I said yes. He said that ------- had sold off the motorcycles without paying the proceeds to their owners, who were members of a well known social motorcycle group. (tongue in cheek intended) He said that they caught up with this fellow in Texas and all took turns breaking every bone they could with a hammer. He simply said "Let it go. That debt has been paid." Some day I'll write about the second time Karma paid a visit. -Dr.Tom