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Apr 19, 2017

Bummer Dude

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Jul 8, 2019
Oak View
A couple people asked how the liddle I posted a couple pages back rode. Well got it in the water for the first time today, so figured I'd post a ride report here.

I'll preface this by saying that my pervious hull experience is not extensive (had a 7'0" pintail hull from Kurtis Wooden for a while that rode a dozen or so times with one or two awesome sessions, rode various friends boards, in the family had vbowls that I rode the shit out of for a few years), all that to say that my frame of reference is limited.

So anyway, I took it out this morning at kinda junky waste-high indicator. Immediate first impression, was that it paddled amazing. It took a bit to get used to - first couple of waves felt like I was hanging up on the takeoff, I think I had my back foot a little too far back over the fin, stepping forward seemed to alleviate that. But once I got in and on the lucky ones that stood up a bit, wow, the feeling of speed trim down the line was unprecedented, the first time i felt it I understood the appeal of these boards right away. Got to preview a little of the spring off the bottom on a couple and the rail to rail roll.

All in all, my fears didn't materialize: that it would push water and paddle poorly, that it would be squirrely and not stable, or that I would catch rails. Instead, given the conditions, it felt great, very natural, and got some hints of the magic wave connection, sticking in the pocket and flying down the line. Hoping for decent swell to materialize sometime soon, feels like shoulder high day at Rincon or some of the lesser points around here would be absolutely magic.

But yeah for the skeptics, I don't anticipate doing any roundhouse cutbacks on it, but it does feel good.