Jim Phillips SWT 9'4''

Jim Phillips SWT 9'4''


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Nov 12, 2014
USA Rhode Island
I love JP shapes. Hands down one of the best shapers of all time.
I have pigs, gliders, noseriders, etc. Each one of his boards are tits.
BUt.... that SWT, for some reason, It didn't click on me. Mine was a 9 10", beautiful log, flat, some nose scoop. super wide.
I don't know if I didn't give enough time , or if I didnt ride it in the perfect conditions, or what.
But I hated it. I couldn't manouver it, I couldn't control it or trim it like my other boards. I found it super unstable , and I was surprised how a board that wide was so wobbly.
Anyway, I stop riding it.
My BFF was always looking for a nice log for a while, he is not on the forum, and doesn't have much time to search
One night I drove to his house in Jersey, and told him, I got a present for you, bag included.

He swears is the best board he ever had.

End of he SWT story.