Jersey Jamfest- Saturday October 1st


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Nov 9, 2019
Aloha JBers!

I have had an idea for a Jamboards meetup for some time now. Anytime I have met a Jammer it’s been a great experience and I thought it would be cool to get together, share some waves, get on some different boards and put some names to faces.

My idea is to have a “Fish Fry” style event. There are so many members with really cool boards, and I know I am always curious to try other stuff. My idea is to have everyone bring a board or two they are willing to let others have a go on and share some waves.

I am lucky enough to have a family home in Silver Beach, NJ (small community between Mantoloking and Lavallette). I have a big garage and backyard to meet up and hang out. The sandbars by me can be iffy so no guarantee the surf is good but the good news is there are hardly ever any other surfers (especially in the off-season).

With The Beach House Swap on Sunday, October 2nd, I thought the 1st would be perfect for anyone traveling from afar.

Low tide is at 5:45 am on the 1st, I am thinking we meet at 8am to catch mid-tide, surf until the tide is too high, and head back for a little BBQ action.

I am also open to meeting later and surfing as the tide falls.. would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

Boards I will have available depending on swell:

6’6 Lovelace Bonzer Burner
7’6 Lovelace Thick Lizzy
7’6 Lovelave v.Bowls
7’0 Lovelace FM
9’8 Jim Phillips SWT
9’11 Toots
6’4 Maurice Cole Reverse Vee Shorty

Hope we can put together a fun little meetup, suggestions welcome! What say you @DKNJ @carsnsurfing @Makawaosurfer93
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Jun 26, 2021
Hey. Newer jammer here but would love to join. I have a few boards I can bring:

7'2 Hobie Retro egg
8'3 Brian Wynn 2+1 egg
9'2 mencel fish simmons twin


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Mar 20, 2016
Ocean, NJ
Unless we’ve got swell. If there’s a wave, I’m definitely bringing riders, like:
8’4 Mitsven Nozzle
8’3 Andreini DE or 9’0 Andreini Gyro