Islands Besides Kauai with Emphasis on Longboarding (Trip with Non-Surfing In-Laws)


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May 14, 2015
Ventura, CA
My wife and I work for the school district in Lake Tahoe and we have two breaks in the spring - one week in February and one week in April. We've got our Kauai trip booked for April and my in-laws want to take us to Hawaii in February. I want to just go to Kauai both trips but my wife wants to see a new island and since it's her folks that's what we're going to do.

We both longboard exclusively nowadays. Our usual surf breaks are Rincon and C Street and occasionally SanO and North County SD.

Our reference point for being in Hawaii is Kauai. I know it's a big ask to find a similar "vibe" on other islands but that's the easiest way to communicate what we're looking for.

If we have a rental car I don't want to bother my in-laws about taking us to the beach like we're 14 years old lol.

Thanks in advance y'all!


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May 24, 2021
Bay Area, CA
Kauai is pretty unique among the islands. I've hear Lanai has a similar "unconquered" vibe but the country (north) side of Oahu might be the more approachable way of feeling more island and less "tropical city."

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