Injured (again) and trying to keep the stoke when you can't surf...


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Jun 7, 2012
Thanks DanSan

NHS in the UK appear to prefer open surgery for the first surgery on single hernias, but will do any subsequent surgeries via keyhole.

Curiously, if you have a double hernia, you may have more chance of keyhole surgery right off the bat... strange!

Most young surgeons here
Scope first
Open only if the have to

Yes the older gen.. which I learned to scrub under prefer open.. “they can touch and see it directly..”.
They don’t dig ... the whole Haptic Touch feedback (force&tactile) sensation..
and I must digress and say nothing like touching the tissue with your hands as opposed to an instrument .. anywho

They might like doing bilateral closed(laparoscopic,keyhole,port,etc)less trauma .fewer. incisions (surgical wounds) to close and heal from..
My niece had her appendix out last summer at cedars sinai in LA.
And it was done thru 1 “port”…her umbilicus
She was in a bikini with her cousins/my 2 daughters having fun 3 days later
And raving about no scars… ha
I love my scars.. not all the surgeries
Mind you
But the mensur..
old Prussian dueling scars are a sign of character


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Apr 2, 2014
Florida USA
I love my scars (just joking). Over 12 inches of em.

12 years ago I had a Melanoma cut out of my right forearm, resulting in 5 inches of stitching. So, anyway, I finally was able to remove all of the bandaging but, still had all the gnarling looking stitching. I went to my old beach, "Gulf Station", and walked up onto the cross-over. One of the much younger guys, who knew me, blurted out a "Dude, , , , what happened to your arm"? I told him it was a knife fight in Costa Rica last month. The look on his face was priceless. Then, I put a very serious look on my face and looked down at the ground, , , , , while saying, , , , "I hadn't killed a man with a knife since Vietnam, , ,". The look on the guy's face was even more so perfect, , , ,.

Then, I had to tell him that there was no fight in Costa Rica and that it was from skin cancer.

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