Imaginary surf co Brooklyn


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Feb 13, 2016
I recently stopped by this wood shop in Brooklyn NYC, the airline had dung my friends Lovelace mr. fantasy duo. & David of imaginary surf co’s Aprentice Andrew fixed the board up spot on.. color matched a tricky magenta swirl, & insisted we pay him half of the initial 20$ we agreed on, after dropping off a couple of beers. We refused to pay less than 20$ and left.

I thought nothing of it at the time.. surfing in NJ yesterday, there Andrew is paddling out on a old but beautiful 7’4 vbowls which I saw on Craigslist was badly beaten up. He bought the board fixed it up once again on point.. & was shredding the thing, turns out he shapes a few boards aswell I spoke to him about a liddle inspired flextail which he handshape did & glassed. Car air freshener glassed in. :)


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