Hybrid vehicle thoughts?


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Nov 15, 2021
Rhode Island
I love my hybrids. I have a 2011 prius and 2019 rav4. Both are efficient and excellent vehicles. Might surprise you but the prius is my everyday surf vehicle. I can fit a 9’6 in it, no joke. Also aftermarket racks making hauling boards and other cargo a breeze. The rav4 is also spacious and the AWD+Hybrid engine is so nice. The rav4 drives very smooth. Lots of rack option for the rav4 as well and some come with a trailer hitch too. Because of the evolution of tech both vehicles get about the same mpg (50ish). Probably not relevant for a purchase today but Toyota plans to release a hybrid Tacoma in 2024…I’ll be first in line.


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Dec 18, 2020
2008 Prius for everything where the F150 isn't needed. Averaging 20mpg with the truck: small V6 normally aspirated, 2WD and a light touch on the gas pedal.
The Prius may be replaced by a next generation hybrid/something slightly bigger soon. Not sure the ideal model is out there, but will be watching this thread for recommendations.


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Jan 19, 2021
Gualala, CA
Love my 2013 Prius V (slightly extended body length) which averages 42mpg and can fit boards up to 10'2 inside. I once fit 6 boards inside after visiting the @hankster cave :D I installed roof racks and built an elevated, foldable platform that allows 2 people to sleep comfortably in the back. That platform folds flat in the trunk when not in use.


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Mar 6, 2004
Hermosa Beach, California
G'morning! The days of my driving E350s all over everywhere are coming to an end. Any of yous driving hybrids? If so, any thoughts on the best models for MPG/cargo space plus warranty, driveability and the like? All thoughts, opinions and hearsay will be much appreciated.

Good subject. I have been waiting/saving on a new car and like Subaru Forester and Outbacks, but neither have hybrids. I also like Toyota Rav4 Hybrids, but the danged price makes me wince. Lately I have been searching listings for the Rav4 Hybrid more than I have the others.

Here is a video link about which Toyotas hold a longboard, kinda cool.