Huge Vintage Surfboard Collection for sale Bronx, NY

Discussion in 'Longboard Surf Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Boatyard_cat, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Artisan Fin Co-Op

    Artisan Fin Co-Op Active Member

    Amazing group of linear board feet in one space
    Thanks for the good vibrations and best wishes on selling those
    I’m lucky if it’s over 8’ not in my wheelhouse/!dwelling is too small
    Blasted tiny houses
    Stay frosty boat man
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  2. Boatyard_cat

    Boatyard_cat Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    Was anyone asking about takayamas? I just found this surfboards Hawaii shaped by takayama my boss wants to sell... Hit me up if you asked about these. It's a 1970 fully restored 9.5. apologies for the shitty pics it's nasty outside today IMG_20191009_151625.jpg IMG_20191009_152550.jpg IMG_20191009_151523.jpg IMG_20191009_151531.jpg IMG_20191009_151609.jpg IMG_20191009_151617.jpg IMG_20191009_151537.jpg IMG_20191009_151546.jpg /10 condition
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  3. Artisan Fin Co-Op

    Artisan Fin Co-Op Active Member

    Spectacular amigo
    The old freedom model
    What a find
  4. njrider

    njrider Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 2006
    USA New Jersey
    I went out yesterday and it was well worth the trip...except the drive. City Island is such a cool place with loads of History. Ari is a great dude (thanks so much brother) and Wes is quite a character with loads of surf history and stories going back to 1959! A bit overwhelming with everything that’s there but super cool nonetheless. I left with a few gems and saw some great boards...some original and some redone. A few balsa guns that wee unreal! There are some great boards to be had and prices are fair for what you’re buying. Thanks again Ari!
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  5. Boatyard_cat

    Boatyard_cat Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    Thanks for coming by Eric, was a pleasure meeting you and showing ya around. Appreciate you kicking me down a jacket. Hope I can make it down to you some day soon
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  6. SeniorGrom

    SeniorGrom Well-Known Member

    Mar 20, 2012
    USA New Jersey
    So....I’m watching the latest episode of American Pickers late last night. I notice Mike and Frank are headed East. Hmmm they are going to a boatyard in the Bronx NY. Could it be? We get a little history of life on the water and the importance of boat/shipyards. Then they meet this ‘guy’ who Danielle had called in advance. I’m pretty sure now this guy is going to be our own boatyard_cat. When he introduces Mike and Frank to the owner Wes I’m sure of it!! Gotta be, there’s a stack of Surfers Journals on Wes’s desk. The rest of the episode is more about picking old boat models and toys but we do see the VW Buses and a small glimpse of a surfboard collection. Very fun & my Wife has more proof that these people I talk to are not fiction.
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  7. Makawaosurfer93

    Makawaosurfer93 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2007
    USA New Jersey
    From what I understand, Boatyard_cat works for Wes. His name is Ari. Just to clarify.
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  8. Boatyard_cat

    Boatyard_cat Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    Glad you guys recognized our humble abode over here in the BX. I've taken a bit of a step back from the boards recently as I've been focusing moreso on the hundreds of toys and other antiques. Wes is very attached to much of the surf memorabilia/boards we have left and rather then try to push him to sell, I've dedicated my efforts elsewhere. Hope all is well with the jbers
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  9. Tlri

    Tlri Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2017
    Rhode island
    I was flipping channels and saw the surfboards Hawaii board on there too! Wondered if that was the guy. Assumed it was but had to run back to work and didn’t get to see the end. Jamboards coming to a screen near you. Love it!
  10. kpd73

    kpd73 Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2013
    USA Rhode Island
    -American Flippers- much to the eternal delight and outrage of most here.

    "Frank and I scored this original 9'9 1969 Rick Dru Harrison Improvisor for 600 and we'll easily flip it for a grand.
    Also this '68 10' Bing Lightweight step deck with old school lam for 500 and will bring in 1500.
    I also picked up a 7'0 Campbell Brothers bronzer we both knew nothing about, but figured it would look cool on the shop wall, Frank said he was thinking of making a chair out of it. Unfortunately it went mysteriously missing from the truck, and the only place we stopped was in Rhode Island for gas...We also have no idea where this Unreliable@11sec bumper sticker came from."
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