How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

Jan 8, 2011
Local was onshore 7 bft and just around the corner it was offshore and just no surf today but just a good time with a friend and talking about our surf plans after Covid...Fingers crossed for this weekend!! Sunday looks good with less wind and still hip-shoulderhigh waves....time to take out my new Bing Trimulux!!
Jan 8, 2011
Been good all week, and today was no exception.

We're going back into a 4-week lockdown and I made a ton of last-minute changes to open up the afternoon. Found a really fun peaky section of beach with clean conditions, offshores, just myself and two friends for most of the session. Shoulder high mostly, a few head to slightly overhead sets, rights, lefts... Steeper and faster on low tide.

A perfect way to wrap things up for a while. View attachment 29165
Hope to get there this summer!!


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Mar 5, 2020
Long Beach, CA
No plans to surf today, reports had been mediocre. Had a lot of todo's i was gonna knock out. Then I stupidly checked the cams... glassy, peeling, waist to chest high. The best kind of monkey wrench! Changed plans and headed out. Surfed a 7'6 shape of mine that came back from glassing recently and it was a joy. Not a hard edge on it, and really felt connected to the wave in the tail - albeit a hair slower without that hard edge for release. Damn it was fun.

Plus a fellow bolsa surfer had tried my 8'0 chop tail speed shape, and ended up buying it off me today. Shaped that 4 months ago, had a ton of fun on it, and now its going to a new home and funding another shape. Good day.

Edit: Have to add that Surfline report was terrible. Waves were excellent.
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Dec 2, 2014
One that got away...

Couldn't find a way to make it work to get out today. But am stoked for the couple of friends who could...



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Oct 16, 2020
Petaluma, CA
first day back in the water after five weeks healing some shoulder inflammation. waist-high rollers, the perfect invitation to return to the ocean. swooping turns on the mini-glider and a couple rides on my friend’s new SOS. and the shoulder feels fine.

aren’t waves beautiful? it’s amazing we get to do this.
Jan 8, 2011
domburg 1 pasen 2021.jpg

Yesterday at 7 in the morning my local spot was great to get my new Bing Trimulux wet for the first time! Hip-shoulderhigh waves with just a small onshore breeze. It would be an average day for most of you but for us Dutchies it was a great day!!
After a few years only surfing shorter boards and midlengths it was a bit getting used to a longboard again but i had some great rides. The Trimulux past is maiden test for me!! Hope to get more days like this!!


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Jun 30, 2008
Just got back from a week on Oahu. Surfed great conditions on both north and south shores, including a fun go-out at Sunset on my 6'8 CI Mid. Kinda funny when it's your first time out there and the first thing you see is a dude on a full gun with a helmet. Even at head high, that wave has some push behind it. Next time I'll have to risk bringing my 7' k model over there. Of course, I now also have this irrational need for a Parmenter Makaha machine, too. Haha.