How was your surf today?....share your stoke!


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Aug 6, 2006
USA California
It is my JP Old School, a board I shaped forever on the east coast, shelved it until I made one for Dale Dobson and he won the Oceanside Club nose riding contest on it.I won the Canaveral Pier contest on mine maybe 5-7 times on the same board, 18" blunted corners nose, 22" wide, 15-1/4" square tail, smaller dish concave nose and my Ruby Begonia fin from FiberGlass fin co.


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Apr 25, 2012
fun day today, got to see Matsurfer and got to surf with Rustyneedle.
Big props to RN for board training the newtome ride from Amtrak LA!
Also many thanks to Stringer for the board and an easy deal and to Cuda for help in packing et al!!!
Back to warmer water...i think i heard it sigh


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May 9, 2010
USA California and Nashville, TNN
I had a really awesome surf today at C Street in Ventura with NoseRideTheWhip (Galen), followed by an awesome lunch with IceCreamHeadache, whom we had missed for the session but made up for it with sicko al pastor tacos at one of his favorite local places (El Jarocho, was it, Mike?).

After hearing such pathetic reports about SoCal surf over the last week--and seeing equally sad Surfline cams--while I was out of town, I was beyond psyched to arrive at C Street to find glassy, up-to-head-high waves rolling down the point. Got plenty of waves and had a ball. Three+ hours of surf time never went so fast.

Today was my last chance to surf before we head back to Brazil and what a treat it was.

Cheers to ICH and NRTW for making today such a great one.


PS: Post up one of the photos you took, G.

PPS: Just found the place. WELL worth your time and very little of your money.