How was your surf today?....share your stoke!


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May 26, 2008
September isn't usually a great month on Qld's Sunshine coast here in Oz.
Normally we have NE'rs blowing sometimes from dawn. Wind blown slop.
Greeted by a light Westerly (offshore) trying to smooth out a lumpy SE swell this morning at Maroochydore.
Some 2' ers breaking on the high tide banks with a light crowd on my local beachbreak. Great considering it's school holidays.
Warm enough for boardshorts and 1mm top.
Took my new McTavish 6'6" Scooter quad out for it's maiden voyage.
Board felt great paddling out and caught waves easily.
A couple of half hearted paddle strokes and got that early planing into the wave.
Board lived up to it's monniker and "scooted" across the faces with good speed and a nice loose feel.
Fast and loose. Gotta love that.
Tell that one to the shaper...
Fast and loose".
Got a couple of little shampoos inside closeouts and the odd one that ran to let me go top to bottom.
How was your surf today?

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
I had a day off yesterday, so I rode over to the beach for dawn patrol. The sideshore wind was already blowing it to hell, so I enjoyed the nice sunrise and went back home to bed. I returned to the beach in the afternoon with my old bodyboard and had a blast. The waves were too blown out to surf, but conditions were just right for some fun drops and quick, sloshy shoulders on a sponge. The highlight for me was a pretty sweet, cleanly landed el rollo. A pretty refreshing and fun session despite lousy conditions.


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Oct 1, 2009
My buddy came down and we were able to surf together again tuesday evening. We surfed the power plant carlsbad. We paddled out into 20+ surfers. Set up alittle outside and were able to pick off the larger set waves (3-4'). As the sun started setting most left and it was just three of us out with four waves per set. They were good waves, the kind that made you look good. Started with a soft top that built up into a nice face that you had to keep pumping to keep ahead of, it would than flatten out alittle causing you to drop knee back into it. It would pick back up again for a nice show off section. The last was the shorebreak. It was a good idea to bail out of this if you were smart, but none of us did. We paid the price, as it was high tide and the rebound off the rocks covered a big area that was work to get back out of. Lot's of fun, big smiles paddling back out after every wave. We surfed until we couldn't see anymore. It was a good day.


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Oct 18, 2006
Surfed the shores for the first time since getting stung two months ago. Tues night was head high +, last night was less crowded chest high. Got on a shortboard (5'6") for the first time in a while. Lots of fun. Glassy and A beautiful sunset. Seeing some of those bigger sets has me longing for winter. I also enjoyed seeing some of the usual guys again absolutely shredding some bigger waves. A reminder that midlengths can be fast and fun.

Going again tonight, third times a charm.


I 'll be there tonight north of the pier a bit. Surfing my stoker.

Uncle, Karl, Oldenburg, frank, and the rest of the crew there?

I haven't been there since last winter.


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Apr 25, 2012
Surfed S-point last evening around 5:15, suuuper crowded and i took the cdmf 10'4" out for the first time. Probably not a good idea as it is the biggest, heaviest board i've surfed. Took some getting used to but had a great time and hope to get to know it better in a little smaller surf, which i am not praying for.

Surfed S-point around 9:30am today...crowded at first but thinned out nicely. Fun waves but the wind chop started early. Had the Zeph/Bing glider out...a lot of fun rights and lefts on the set waves...very fun.

Wade In The Waves

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Mar 23, 2012
USA Watkinsville, GA
Just got done surfing head high Church and still sitting in my truck listening to the waves. Pushing faster than normal and only getting better every day. Anyone local that wants to join Big D and myself Saturday morning please let me know. There's nothing better than sharing waves with your friends.