how to wear a shark

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by Surfnfish, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. dingpatch

    dingpatch Well-Known Member

    Apr 2, 2014
    Florida USA
    Ha, ha, ha, , , , yep, seen it, done it, , , , , every once in a while the spinners get pretty thick around Cocoa Beach. One day some very many years ago, , , , they were in the line-up in abundance. Very close to me, just to my right (my right eye is borderline legally blind, , , ,) I see the motion and the splash. I casually lean heavily to my left and the 5 footer flails right over my right shoulder and almost brushed my ear!
  2. Macilious

    Macilious Active Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    I have two take aways from this - Sharks and cameras are EVERYWHERE now!
  3. nedsurf

    nedsurf Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2005

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