Hotdogger hotdogging hotdog

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by michael, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. michael

    michael Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    Probably a dumb, short lived thread, but can someone define the term for me? I’m a new crop surfer and don’t know about these things, but would like to.

    I asked @hotdoggerchampionchip on Instagram, thinking if you run a contest based on hotdogging you would be able to help me, and they simply replied “it’s what you make of it”

    Craving a more concrete explanation.

    If you don’t know and still want to contribute, sausage jokes are welcome
  2. michael

    michael Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
  3. Makawaosurfer93

    Makawaosurfer93 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2007
    USA New Jersey
  4. michael

    michael Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    Dumb short lived thread was accurate
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  5. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2004
    USA New Jersey
    Also curious to hear what people have to say since the "Origins of Hot Dogging" link is blocked here at work. Dangit. Seemed like the term came about when surfboards started turning instead of just running down the line. I also ponder whether or not Tubesteak's nickname has anything to do with hotdogging.

    Since I don't know for sure, I'll contribute a sausage joke in the form of my favorite South of the Border billboard.
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  6. miscreant

    miscreant Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2016
    Cuda’s Remark is a sign of the times.

    Like a litmus test for character.
  7. Planktom

    Planktom Active Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Devon, UK
    Whatever you do, make sure you don't put a space after 'hot' when Googling.
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  8. cuda

    cuda Well-Known Member

    Aug 23, 2007
    do you mean "character" or did you mean to say litmus test for culture?

    if the former im not so sure, after all consider the context - are we not "the internet?" [?x(1/0)= lmgtfy] I could have easily answered the question about surf jargon as could most anyone over 50. I include the emoji winkie to (hopefully) convey the lighthearted nature of my response.

    Now if you meant "litmus test for culture" I wholeheartedly agree and more to the spirit at the root of my smart aleck remark.

    If you chose to respond, please use simple terms in your response - As you can see I am very easily confused ;)
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  9. zippy

    zippy Active Member

    Mar 24, 2008
    USA New Jersey
    Didn’t Bruce Brown define it in one of his movies?

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