holy grail longboard? best all arounder?


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Nov 23, 2019
Three Rivers, CA
Huh. I've just seen Matt's later ones then with much harder turned down rails, deeper nose concave and significant flip in the nose.
Looked nothing like the white one.
And sorry on the trade regret.
I prefer the original PTLW to the one's Matt is shaping now. He has the right to make whatever changes he sees fit, but I know what I like and the modern version ain't it.


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Mar 2, 2004
USA California
shapewright or surfore may want to chime in with the skinny, but the wildcat as i understand it is a spiced up da copy cat. increased rocker, lower rail and a hard edge through the tail over the dcc. design has surprising range and noserides despite the narrower nose template when properly finned

Yes thank you Doc. It is a scalded cat of the Da Copy Cat. The rocker tends to be the same while the rails get a bit mor 70/30 and harder in the tail yet not full release rails like on a 2+1.

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
Proper log? 9'6" Phillips pig. Pros: Does everything I want it to, glides, turns, pulled in nose for those strong offshore wind days, will noseride if you're determined, feels great doing it all, and looks so damn sexy. Cons: Glassed heavy (per my custom order), so there might be a wave size limit for me at some point. That's okay though, I could just sit on the beach on those days and admire the redwood stringer glowing in the sun instead.

If 8'4" qualifies for this debate, my v.Bowls might be a contender. Pros: Unreal turning capability, glides great, fast as hell, lightweight, works on anything from ankle high to overhead. Cons: Not nearly as sexy as the Phillips and there's no way to scratch the noseriding itch on this one.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd play the long game and keep the Phillips. That's the kind of board I'd ride for the rest of my life until I can't surfs no more.


Aug 23, 2008
My dream boards are all mentioned here, so at least I know I'm on the right track. How does one even choose between a Bing, Jim Phillips, and Andreini Magic Sam?


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
A couple of years back, after some chopping and changing and waiting for new boards, I was left with one board for a few weeks - a Mabile Phil Edwards, 9ft triple stringer - and as it was so versatile, it was not too much bother.

Obviously not a noserider and was a little dead in absolute micro-mush, but if it was Desert Island scenario and one of those washed up, I would be happy.


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Mar 24, 2008
USA New Jersey
The best allarounder for me is a Tyler Mini-Zeke. Seems to work in every condition from knee high peelers to head high peaky wind chop.