Hobie Mini Legacy

Ronald E Roy

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Mar 9, 2020
Rhode Island
Basically a shrunken down glider, a full on trim machine. Super fun and way versatile. You can find the pocket on most waves. If you can request, have Michael Arenal shape it!!! If you are looking for something glider-esque in a smaller package I think you'll be stoked!!!


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Oct 27, 2015
Wilmington, NC
Thanks guys. I really like the outline of this board and spoke to Hobie yesterday about it.

"Essentially, the outline is the same as Terry's Legacy. In order to maintain the same curvature, we've added the rail outline of a transition-era mid-length.
If we used the Legacy outline only; the board would turnout super straight in the middle. A key factor of Terry's original Model is the maintained curve throughout the board.The rocker is flat. That's for certain! Furthermore, there is displacement forward and pinched 5050 rails in the middle. Our shapers, however, add full-panel vee in front of the fin.
Lastly, unlike the pinched-5050 of the legacy tail, we've included hard edges in the last foot or so."

It reminds me a lot of a board that I had back in 2003 and never should have sold. Hoping to see if CB surf shop has one in stock soon.
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