Help with Choosing Replacement Surf Vehicle


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Apr 5, 2011
USA Delaware
Just got this for my new surf mobile: 2003 Ford E350 Super Duty. Unfortunately it doesn't have 4x4 (yet). Belonged to my buddy that's in a wheel chair. They dropped the floor pan 4" to compensate for the height of his wheel chair, so it has a 4" lift kit on it as well. Interior is completely open & ready for me to customize it!



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Feb 17, 2004
USA California
a 12 foot paddleboard fits inside my '87 Vanagon. A 9 foot fits neatly behind the driver and everything else! I've got tinted windows and will bring a paddleboard and a longboard to the beach. The Vanagon is surprisingly fun to drive.
Jul 13, 2006
2004 Honda CRV can fit a 9'6" noserider in a board bag easily. Probably could fit a 9'8" in a board bag. That's straight - not angled. More than that and you might be pushing it. The rear window also pops open so you could go that route if you had to transport a 10 footer inside. But you probably couldn't lock it up tight.

I recently looked at a 2015 Ford C-Max and measured the interior for surfboard capabilities. It seems like it can also fit a 9'6 - 9'8 board straight back. Only concern with that C-Max is that the interior space is much narrower than the Honda interior so if you put a wide longboard in there, it will probably feel really cramped!! like it's taking up 2/3 of the inside.


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Mar 20, 2012
USA New Jersey
Matt nice truck. Enjoy the customizing. Keep us posted. Murph......we had a Vanagon Syncro for 11 years. Very fun to drive and comfortable seating position. It also is very maneuverable with great visibility. The achilies heel is the miles of cooling hoses and way expensive headgasket repair.


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Mar 23, 2012
fishy82 wrote:
Had a honda fit at one point, 9'10up the dash. Awesome car. Probably favorite car of all time truthfully. Great utilitarian vehicle. Also have a Prius. 10' In that bad boy. Nice car, but upfront cost vs fuel mileage vs the fit equals a 200k mile payback.
Thanks Fishy. Inquiring about a local Fit. We'll see.