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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by cuda, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Apr 7, 2004
    This. Sr. Grom is right. Non-statistical owner ( my niece’s best friend’s father’s uncle..) anecdotes combined with the standard denial by the mfg and pushback from your friendly local stealer-ship does not make the Subaru engine defects disappear.
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    Nov 22, 2016
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    Honda is bringing the Passport back...V6 only though...but those Vans...
  3. Artz

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    Nov 22, 2018
    Subaru has the highest resale value backed by the NADA, Kelly’s Blue book. You can’t make resale values out of thin air. You also can’t make up Consumers reports on reliability every year, thousands of car owners are send in surveys on their Autos. Edmunds also is a very reliable source for used car reliability. They also like Subaru.
    Now tell me are they all in on some vast conspiracy to keep quiet on Subaru’s reliability? Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying you have to buy any car. Drive a Yugo if you want.
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    Mar 10, 2014
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    I thought we all seemed to be in agreement that Subaru’s were pretty damn good cars but like most cars have some common issues. Artz in New England Subaru is king or maybe queen. I suggested my wife get a vanity plate for her outback however she was not very keen on the idea (LZBARU), she said she has enough friends already and doesn’t need anymore. :)
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    May 11, 2016
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    For certain, some makes and models of what would now be considered 2nd hand Subaru’s have well known and well-documented leaky head gasket issues, likely due to the way the boxer engine is oriented (vertically-oriented head vs standard horizontal orientation). This doesn’t mean they are bad vehicles - they are obviously highly dependable and safe - but buyers of particularly 2nd hand Subaru’s should be aware of the issue and plan / investigate accordingly.

    Some older Subaru’s also have a corrosion issue around the rear quarter panel above the rear wheels. No debate here - just take a look at older Subies above the rear wheels.

    Even though we’ve only had a crappy Impreza (with leaky HGs) I still think subies are great cars (my neighbors tuned WRX not withstanding) - in fact, once I’m done with the Vibe, I’ll probably look for a used older forester, outback or newer cross-trek.

    But claiming industry resale value means something we should pay attention to is misguided at best, and more likely akin to Jamboard automotive-advice malpractice.

    Edit: On 2nd thought, SG is probably right. Ignore the statement about resale value being somewhat bogus.
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    No malpractice here. Resale values are not arbitrary. Ask any used car manager or wholesaler who attends the auto auctions on a weekly basis. The price paid at wholsale is determined somewhat by popularity but you can be sure mechanical reliability is a major factor. Purchasing any used vehicle has risks but can also be the best value for dollar spent. It’s a business based on satisfaction, quality, and returning customers. Are their thieves in the business, sure. I guess Toyota does it with smoke and mirrors huh?
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    Mar 20, 2012
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    Also on thing that still surprises me is the Honda Odyssey. For years probably over a decade rated first in it’s category. What happened?
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    Feb 6, 2015
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    If Toyota would put some decent ground clearance, ala Outback, under their awd Sienna van, replace the soccer mommy interior with 'hose it out' utilitarian, and why offer a moderately raised roof option, the demand for them would be huge, it's the missing hole in a lineup of boring clones.

    Our 08' easily the most bulletproof vehicle we've ever owned, 103K on it now, haven't put a dime in it other then oil changes, tires and brakes. Brought it into Toyota for a recall on the spare tire cable assembly at 80k, asked the service manager what service would it need at 100K, he said just drive it, has platinum plugs from the factory, and the transaxle fluid is lifetime.

    Our 3 Outbacks? One blew the tranny, the other a head gasket. In spite of that, if we still had our mountain house to drive to, there'd be an Outback in the mix. Among all the 4x4's and AWD's we've owned, easily the best handling road vehicle in rain, ice, and heavy snow.
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    Hey cuda- Did you ever get a new vehicle? At page 29 this seems to have evolved into a different thread. Not bad, just different than what it started as 19 months ago.
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    Nov 22, 2018
    It would be nice if Toyota would enter the the large box van market. They would give Ford , Mercedes, and Dodge Ram a run for their money.
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