Good wave board for SD


Feb 11, 2021
San Diego
Love Gary's shapes; his bonzers would be a good good-wave board as the three I've had all had some significant flip in the nose. Made groveling kind of a bear but when it turned on, it was great. Had a magic 7'6" I sold to @Bryce whose father enjoyed it for a long while after me.

Slingerland might also be a good resource as well, reasonable last I checked and his shapes are excellent, foiled, can't-go-wrong kind of boards. Not sure how to contact him now because of the Surfy Surfy closure but I'm sure JP St. Pierre could help connect you, or Jon Peck at Christenson/Moonlight since most of Mike's boards were going through Moonlight or Global Glassing.
I bought my first GH off the rack at Surfy Surfy from JP in like 2013, I wanna say. Found him on instagram @surfysurfy upon moving back to North County last year - wanting to get a new board, etc... He was super responsive and helpful, FWIW - I'm sure you could hit him up on IG.


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Oct 4, 2012
Del Mar,CA
Re: "Made groveling kind of a bear" Agreed - board is not an easy paddler. May be the only knock on it. I've only had it out in good surf... so getting into waves hasn't been hard, but paddling back out has been! haha - all good, hopefully it gets me into better paddling shape for summer groveling.
I totally agree with the GH nose flip... not good on mushy waves .. it's like a water bulldozer...


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Oct 14, 2015
I'm waiting on a new board with a 2+1 and thinking about having an alternative thruster set-up. How do you run yours, is it fcs with the fcs center adapter? Mine will be futures boxes, so thinking about doing big side bites or futures thruster set + small box center fin. Looks like SD fin co does the skip template as center box trailer - that plus the futures set could maybe the ticket.

Sorry to stray off topic. Here's a good wave board for SD
I don't think 2+1 side fins are in the same position as thruster side fins so you'll probably have to put in 2 sets of side boxes or plugs.

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Jul 8, 2019
Oak View
I don't think 2+1 side fins are in the same position as thruster side fins so you'll probably have to put in 2 sets of side boxes or plugs.
yeah not looking for exactly for exactly thruster setup, but the 2+1 fin setup on this board is more performancy so fins are clustered closer together and set further back than a more typical 2+1 I'd say. Just another option thats quicker/snappier for smaller surf.


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Oct 9, 2019
San Diego
i was able to talk the guy down a little and picked up the Tudor I posted earlier. Cleaned it up and I’m stoked on it. Not sure how well it’ll hold when it gets large marge but I’ll learn the hard way if it can’t handle it.


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