Going to Kauai for two weeks in December -- what board should I take?


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Jul 21, 2005
Cambridge, MA
We have a big family trip to Kauai in December, staying in Princeville. What board should I take? I want to have a low/mid 8's longboard type of thing. I'll ride good surf, but not crazy surf. Never having been there, I expect my scale to be recalibrated once I arrive.

At 54 yo and surfing all the time, I am riding a lot of 8' to 8'8" boards in all conditions here in Boston. I've never been to HI before. I'm a PR and MX guy up to now. I ordered an 8'6" Serena Pin last February to take on this trip. It won't arrive in time (no complaints on that, worth the wait). The other candidates are 8'4" Clandestino, 8'8" Special K, and 8'4" Tyler Mini Zeke. I've had all of them out in head-high winter surf. I would lean toward the Special K and Zeke as feeling most confident underfoot and when going backside.

Do people think any of these are suitable? Should I be looking for something else?

thanks, ed


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Jun 7, 2012
Im going in December to Oahu...
Although i do have a board or two stashed with an uncle..i usually just ride a log
I'm picking up a board from Mr. Toots
Thank you @waveslider ..
I think a longboard would be best..
And there are plenty one places to rent one...
Just a thought..less hassle..


Jun 27, 2021
For a two week trip, I would consider just renting or doing a quick check on used boards for sale (Craigslist or in shops). Not sure what the airlines are charging for boards at this time, but it may be in your best interest to check with your carrier as to prices and length restrictions and this may help with your decision. Will your flight to Kauai be a non stop, a direct, or an indirect with connections along the way? I am fairly sure that Smukes would agree that an indirect flight with connections, where the baggage has to be transferred to a different flight along the way, only increases the chance for damage along the way. Always not a good thing to arrive, pick up your boards and find out that they have been damaged and need to be repaired before you get in the water. If you buy and sell on departure, you also avoid the possibility that the weather in December will get stormy and restrict your water time, and you may find that you paid to bring boards with you and have limited use with them.
On a good note, usually a good selection of used boards on Island and you may find one you really like and decide to bring it home with you. There can be some real gems on the used market in Hawaii.
Or just contact Mark Angell on Kauai and have him shape you something and have it waiting for you. Mark is an excellent long time board maker on Kauai and easy to work with.


Aug 9, 2021
Los Angeles
I brought two boards to Kauai (north shore, hanalei bay) and wish I rented. We were there for a week. There are a few shops in town that rent quality boards. Great surfing though, even when it’s big you can usually find some spots that are less exposed and more manageable. Pine trees and the bowl section of hanalei were my favorites. Heard good things about rock quarry too. All are up near princeville


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Nov 22, 2018
You might want to contact some of Kauai’s very talented board boards. Bill Hamilton, Mark Angall has already been mentione. Two others are Robin Mair and Bill Hamilton. They may have a couple of used boards that you could buy or rent. You could also get a custom board. I have one of Robin‘s Boards. A 9‘5” Dream liner. Robin is easy to work with. It was a pleasure dealing with him. One of the best Boards I have ever owned. Come alive on waves with a little juice behind them. Bill Hamilton is a legend.


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Feb 6, 2015
PNW between here and there
friend is over there right now..just finished up a multi day run of stacked HBay a few days ago on the 8'4 Coffey semi I sold him

when the swell is banging, can always drive around the island and find a smaller wave as the swells do wrap...Majors and a couple others on the SW side can be firing...since 9/11 access by issued permit only...locals can get yearlies after passing the background check...used to be a day permit process, no idea if still available