Getting started...

Chaz Wa Da Da

Jun 2, 2021
Outer Banks
For years I lugged around my film Canons and lenses, 1 bag of cameras, 1 bag of lenses. Got tired of the hassle. And, "glass addiction" can wipe out your wallet in no time. Went with a Panasonic digital "super zoom" and never looked back. The newer super zooms have everything you need. Don't get too concerned with "More Megapixels". Check out for good info and reviews. You've got to start somewhere but, keep it simple for now, you will eventually find out what you "like" and "do not like".
Old School SUPER ZOOM PANASONIC LUMIX DMC FZ35. Inexpensive entry camera with great photos up to 18x optical. Useable features. I've had 2 and would by another. One of the best
Non-DSLR's a decade ago. Have Fun